Why ORM Handicraft

The artisanal market is among Pakistan’s most ignored but active industries. It represents art, traditional and cultural items that are utilitarian, esthetic, artistic, decorative, functional, secular, symbolic, and essential in religious and social terms. The artisanal business is increasingly popular around the globe. In this developed world, people are still searching for branded goods, apart from that. The trend to buy handmade quality is also growing day by day as it is considered both a status symbol and an ethnic association.

Craft and craftsmanship, on the other hand, have its own rules, “price of crafts is much too costly,” “it’s difficult to find handcrafted quality pieces,” “handmade life is too short,” and something else. But “ORM Handicraft” is here to eradicate these beliefs and deliver high-quality goods at a low cost. “ORM Handicraft”  used high-quality knitting thread, highest quality blue pottery colors, a generic woodcraft fabric, authentic metalwork, pure camel, and hand-sticked clothing.

For instance, “blue pottery ceramic” is a refrigerator, microwave/oven protection that can not cause cancer or other diseases when heated in an oven. The goals of “ORM Handicraft”  are to provide environmentally friendly and hygienic goods. Both wood crafts and camels are user friendly and environmentally friendly; knitting, crochet, and shoes. All “ORM Handicraft”  items are worthwhile and have fun and livelihood, including all families and homes, through personal and home goods. All crafts and other “ORM Handicraft”  goods are guaranteed by 100% and can be purchased with trust by a customer.

“ORM Handicraft”  has ethical approaches, integrated handicraft supply chain management with many incentives for the artisanal market, with the belief that consumers are friendly and long-term.