History of Camel Bone Crafts Pakistan

Whenever we sound the name of Multan, the basic things click to our mind are Art & Craft. Its city is rich with a designer who brings the geriatric history of master and still among it.

The zone “clock Tower” in Multan is the first sector of arts and professional affairs second we can sight the bunch of artistic products that right way grab awareness and recognition. good, art in Multan has 1000 years of history, and this city is well-known for its standard art throughout the world.

While an informed part of the history, Deputy Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered the Multan in (712 AD) he owns few Kashi creators with it.

Camel Bone Crafts Making Process

The making of camel bone crafts required some time, and the blue pottery or naqashi on it needed a lot of attention. It is the process that required 3 people dabgar, Clayman, and Naqash, their efforts, and expertise make the raw material into a unique still strong item.

ORM handicrafts offer a huge range of variety also different style with a very unique Model Cambel bone Crafts Product

Skin sanitize:

At first, they clean and skin also transfer all the ha and wash it with a chemical to make it germ-free. The wash process has the period that they frequently clean


The adobe man makes a raw base of china clay and attaches the camel bone on to it, then aside it for a period to let it dry commonly under the Sunlight.


well, the color or Naqashi footmark is a crucial one that needed a lot of attention that a sole mistake can damage the entire piece.


The camel bone crafts last for fifty to a hundred years, which needed wax and covering on each step before investing in it, and the purchaser makes sure that it must last possible years or you tin says for a lifetime.

Worldwide Demand for Camel Bone Crafts

This is the reality that Pakistan is rich with such art and person from other states admire this art too, but due to the war on terror the last number of years, there is a defeat of tourists. The visitors brought these pieces to their home country, which upgrade our culture and history of Pakistan.