Privacy Policy

The way “ORM Handicraft”  receives, utilizes, retains, and reports the information obtained from users of our Website,, the lawyers of the business and designated persons of “ORM Handicraft”  are subject to a privacy policy. This Privacy Policy extends to the Website and all goods and services provided by “ORM Handicraft.”

Personal Customer Information

We automatically store usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, payment preferences, credit/debit card numbers, bank account information, and vice versa when they send their details to order products by design, registration on our Web. When purchasing items, our system will automatically store users ‘ personal information.

Why we use stored data

For the following reasons, “ORM Handicraft” uses personal consumer data only.

To treat and deliver your orders. 

  • To address customer service questions and support needs more effectively
  • Informing you about deals, offers, sales, and business news
  • To provide input and expertise from “ORM Handicraft.”To enhance our platform and our service and to increase the consistency of our knowledge and reviews.

Users can only notify them about changes and data on their requests using their email addresses and telephone numbers to process the request.

We secure your confidentiality

To protect your personal information such as your username, password, transaction information, and credit /debit cards against unauthorized access, which is kept in our database and our record, we have effective safety measures in data collection—storage and processing practices. Your personal information will not be disclosed for any third party to any organization, and “ORM Handicraft”  will use your information to help and respond to you only.

Amendments to this agreement on privacy

“ORM Handicraft”  is allowed at any time to review the Privacy Policy. We will notify you via email or mobile message when we update the policy. We understand that users periodically review this site, or our official social media accounts for changes and are aware of them.

You agree to these conditions of secrecy.

You that continue to use this Website and subscribe to our privacy policy. Please remember that you may agree with our policies or disagree with them.