Pricing Policy

For very reasonable and comparable prices, “ORM Handicraft” offers all its superior product value on the market. However, all handmade products are expensive worldwide, which ordinary people can’t afford.

Therefore, we sell our entire range to our customers to reduce our competitive advantage and give the highest and fair prices.

Cheaper goods with similar designs and shapes may be possible in some regions of the world because of their low quality and durability. At very reasonable prices, we guarantee the standard, hygienic, and environmentally friendly goods.

Due to their very little difference in quality, our website’s items show the difference in prices and design features. In the specified price on the website/products, you can get the best quality.

All our prices include the best possible handmade quality, Free Delivery (over 1500 orders), cash on delivery service at your door. Best and Safe Packaging, free replacement for defective delivery, and complete or half money return guarantees for a lousy product quality review (see warranties and returns).

We make every effort to make our clients more comfortable, but please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.