Modes of Delivery

Home Delivery

We work with TCS to deliver all products to international service at your doorstep at home, at DHL, and Skynet.

Tcs Express

TCS Express services are usually available for sending bulk orders to suppliers and retailers. However, there is no requirement that anyone can choose the delivery method as they wish, but all payment except for ‘cash on delivery’ is to be made beforehand.

Delivery Time

Processed confirmation of the order within 24 hours. You are asked to be available on the contact number given so that our team can contact you and stay in touch throughout the delivery.

  • Unless, for good quality or other reasons, the item(s) on your order will be out of stock or unsuitable for delivery, it will not be delivered or delayed. In the event of any occasion, you will be told by telephone or email.
  • Before delivery, COD orders shall be reviewed by telephone or email. However, clearance sales and other promotions can be handled without telephone verification in the case of regular customers.
  • Overnight delivery: The approximate average Pakistani delivery time for overnight orders is 2 to 3 working days. Unless the company wants to accept the shipment within two days, all shipping costs must be borne.

Over Land Delivery

Land delivery takes 3 to 7 days. This option is usually used for bulk orders and free shipments.

International Delivery

The estimated average delivery time for international orders is 4 to 10 working days. Time can vary due to distance and flight delays due to adverse weather conditions.

The courier mentioned above services will be provided Overnight and Overland. Days of delivery may occur due to high volume orders for purchases, lousy weather, terrorism, natural disasters, carriers accidents or other government regulations, and miserable country conditions.

Charges Delivery:

For all orders above or equal to Rs. 1500/- the number, “ORM Handicraft”  offers national free delivery. Fixed delivery charges may apply for the order below Rs.1500/- without notice to the customer, but electronic invoices containing the order’s rates and details shall nevertheless be sent to you. There is a difference in prices for international orders; however, all distribution costs are covered by the customers. These may include delivery costs, cleanup fees, packaging costs, clearing fees, or any taxes paid.