Breakage Policy

We treat all orders with generic packaging and take special care to ensure that delivery is safe and reliable. The packaging stock includes safe and durable cases, thermocouple, coil foam, bubble wrapping papers, cartons, and flexible polymers. However, if your delivery reaches a failure in any case because of negligence or inadequate treatment of courier staff, we take full responsibility for the damages. We guarantee that the products broken or damaged shall have their replacement free of charge or full refund within the specified time.

Packing-“ORM Handicraft”

You have to contact the customer service department 48 hours after obtaining the product to demand replacement or refund. Any harm will be acknowledged, or no credit will be given after 48 hours of receipt of your order.

We take full responsibility for defective products and ensure that only your delivery address is secure. You must check all products that are reaching securely at your delivery address before moving your package internationally or any other location.

Request Claims For Breakage/Damage

Please notice that the request must be sent by calling / whats app-enabled .+92 300-4314888, with clear images of the affected product(s), inside and outside the box(s). The request is to be received by

For clarification, our representative can contact you and request video clips from the purchase box, broken parts, and related content. In most cases, a replacement is served immediately; for in-house items and out-of-house items, the period can differ between 20 days and 45 days.

Any damage reported after 48 hours would, in any case, not be repaired or reimbursed.