About Us

Premium Quality Handicrafts and Blue Pottery Ceramics

ORM Handicraft is a company that is aimed at promoting the tradition and modern handicrafts nationally and internationally. The main purpose behind the set-up of this company is to manufacture and export ceramic products representing the talent Pakistan has.

The products of ORM Handicraft are a clear picture of traditional values merged with modernism to meet the requirements of the society. These potteries and camel bone and other pieces can be placed within homes, hotels, offices, or any places as decor pieces.  With no doubt, products of ORM Handicraft are guaranteed on adding to the aesthetics of your rooms and buildings.

What’s more to this company is that the think tank of this company works on ethical business grounds blending with cultural needs so that the traditional and core values of our country and history are preserved in a beautiful manner. The staff of ORM Handicraft has been trained to develop a working environment where respect, integrity, trust, and honesty are valued and even implied during the communication with the prospective customer.

Lastly, the whole team of ORM Handicraft is eco-friendly and is in favor of a green environment to help the world in getting free from pollution. So, you don’t need to worry; all products sold by ORM Handicraft are within the standards promoting eco-friendliness and health safety.