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Premium Quality Handicrafts and Blue Pottery Ceramics

“ORM Handicraft” is a company that is aimed at promoting the tradition and modern handicrafts nationally and internationally. The main purpose behind the set-up of this company is to manufacture and export ceramic products representing the talent Pakistan has. The products of ORM Handicraft are a clear picture of traditional values merged with modernism to meet the requirements of the society of Handicraft in Pakistan. Read More

Blue Pottery

Multan is a city in Pakistan known for its blue pottery, which is a traditional form of ceramic pottery that is famous for its vibrant blue color and intricate designs. The blue color is achieved by using cobalt oxide as a glaze, which is applied to the pottery before firing it in a kiln.

Multani Blue Pottery is known for its delicate and intricate designs, which often feature flowers, birds, and geometric patterns. It is typically made from a mixture of clay and other natural materials, and is molded by hand into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The pottery is then fired in a kiln at high temperatures, which gives it its unique hardness and durability.

Multani Blue Pottery is widely considered to be a unique and beautiful form of art, and it is highly valued both within Pakistan and around the world. Many visitors to Multan come specifically to see the city’s blue pottery, and to purchase pieces to take back home as souvenirs.

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in blue pottery in Multan, and a number of initiatives have been launched to promote and preserve this traditional form of art. These efforts have helped to revive the blue pottery industry in the city, and to encourage the next generation of artisans to take up the craft.

ORM Handicraft is the prime ambassador of the major craft of Pakistan that is Blue Pottery which includes a perfect blend of the signature white and turquoise colored designs. The designs and artifacts of blue pottery items are highly decorative and captivating. The Blue pottery products are in immense demand in the market, not only because of the beauty which it beholds but also because of the skill which this craft requires. The history behind this art of Blue Pottery is hidden behind the amazing colors of these pieces which were originally influenced by Persia and China. In addition to that, these eye-catching masterpieces are high in demand by customers because of the age of this art. We will provide you designs that are made by experienced and adept hands and have clean and neat free-hand curves. The preciseness and smoothness that the Blue Pottery items of ORM Handicraft carry show the true expression of craftsmanship that exists in Pakistan.

Stone Necklace

Having pieces of intimate and personalized jewelry and necklaces to wear has become an essential norm. The stone necklaces from ORM Handicraft in Pakistan are crafted for you to enjoy the feeling of luxury. What makes our products different from others is that they are made not only with skills but are also with passion. We have a variety of stone necklaces available for you to discover. You can choose from the handsome collection of stylish stone necklaces and match them with your outfits and desires and wear them on events. Moreover, stone necklaces are renowned for their delicate and angle-inspired designs which will surely complement your beauty. The innovative concept which ORM Handicraft utilizes in their creation process of stone necklaces is what makes these crystals shine for a long period of time allowing them to retain their beauty for ages. The refined and subtle necklaces are guaranteed to add a fashionable touch to any clothing and ensemble you put on. We have Stone Necklace collection that are based on feroza stone, najaf stone, yamni aqeeq, dur e najaf stone, tiger stone, noor e najaf stone, Sadaf Stone, Aqeeq Black.

Camel Bone Earrings

Are you looking for something beautiful yet different, something unique yet perfect? We are here to make your wish become a reality. We are now providing our customers with cute, adorable, and durable earrings which are exclusively made from camel bones. Every style and every aesthetic piece of such camel bone earrings available for its customers. The camel bones are handmade, carved, sanded, and polished so that they have no rough edges and its shape is as perfect as you want. The products of ORM Handicraft are always up to the mark! You don’t even have to worry about the product of ORM Handicraft as the ivory and other materials that are used in the manufacturing of these camel bone earrings are sourced ethically. These sleek designed camel bone earrings are the ultimate accessory to wear with anything on weddings, holidays, events, festivals, parties- literally anywhere- because they go with every style and fashion.


ORM Handicraft is a major ambassador to promote a unique blend of culture and tradition all over the world and provides the best Pakistani onyx marble to everyone. We carefully select from numerous onyx marbles and crafts them into precious and delicate decorative pieces and other items. The items we sell are popular among the people and these decorative stones, cravings, and shapes are utilized by them indoors as well as outdoors. Furthermore, ORM Handicraft has several onyx varieties available ranging from green onyx with curly streaks of brown and gold embedded stones to black onyx streaked with gold, silver, and green. Such a huge variety makes it highly possible that you are able to find onyx according to your liking amongst the myriad of pieces with different shapes and colors. The onyx products we provide do not only have lovely, bloomy, and geometric designs but they capture the rich history of Pakistan within them. It is guaranteed that you will be able to find the perfect piece which you were looking for. Lastly, the lustrous designs of onyx have also been upgraded to allow the traditional designs to blend with modern designs giving onyx artifacts a new look.

Camel Bone Crafts

Camel bone craft is considered as the most challenging and skillful art. The real beauty of this art lies in its intricacy. ORM Handicraft is here to promote the artists and manufacturers of those camel bone decorative pieces and lamps and serve as a platform for those talented people to showcase their mind-blowing abilities to the customers. These beautifully carved pieces and lamps are sculpted under unwavering attention and tremendous focus to achieve that ultimate perfection which is pleasing to the eyes. The camel bones are purchased from authorized dealers of camel bone to ensure high-standard and ethical business. These bones are then treated with chemicals and carved into wonderful and eye-catching designs. These handmade Camel Bone lamps of ORM Handicraft are tough and long-lasting and these camel bone crafts make great articles for utility and pleasure. You can use these items as decorative pieces placed in your lounge or anywhere because these camel bone items are crafted in such a manner to add to the beauty of your rooms and buildings.

Wood Craft Products

ORM Handicraft is your escape from this hectic and tiring age of selection of things from mass production. ORM Handicraft ensures that every product that you purchase from them is of true quality and their wood tables are an epitome of what they claim. ORM Handicraft has wood tables having elegant and graceful designs that are a treat for a fine woodcraft lover. ORM Handicraft has contemporary designs for you to choose from and the wood tables from ORM Handicraft are so ingenious and sophisticated that they can be placed in your lounge to beautify it or even gift it to other people. Apart from the unique designs of these wood tables, ORM Handicraft has always been monitoring the manufacturing process of these wood tables to ensure high standards. These quality measures are the reason behind the durable, strong, long-lasting, and peaceful designs. ORM Handicraft is the perfect place to shop for your future furniture and enrich your way of life.

Camel Skin Lamps

Multan, the city of saints, is well-known because of its handicrafts, which are created with such delicacy that they transform the look of that place where they are placed. To continue with this legacy of handicrafts, ORM Handicraft has taken steps to add Camel Skin Lamps to their collection. These camel skin lamps are crafted from dried camel skin and then painted with amazing colors to add beauty in them and later are transformed into lamps to be placed in your offices, restaurants, and homes. The thing which makes these Camel Skin Lamps valuable is the joint effort of Clay man, Naqash, and Dabgar. Their innate skills allow them to develop such delicate and useful camel skin products that are widely known all over the world. ORM Handicraft has helped them to sell their art and export it all over the world, ensuring a good name for Pakistan. Lastly, as ORM Handicraft is a believer in an eco-friendly and healthy environment so that’s why most of the products and camel skin lamps are made from recycled materials.

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